24 teachers in our life

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Everybody goes through ups & downs in their life. Every People on this earth faces struggles in their life. Everybody has problems in their life. And these chaos brings a havoc in our life. When everything is out of control, we tend to go for help. We need a mentor who can consult us, who can help us come out of problems giving us direction to our life. But what do we do for that… we search for help from every other person.

But does this help us everytime? Do you get your mentor everytime? Can you say all your problems to every other person who can help you ?

The answer is obviously no, but we do have teachers in our surroundings who can help us in making us feel lighter.

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Let’s talk about teachers who make us learn everything which we need to learn for our betterment. And we can find them everywhere in NATURE.

let’s check it out what are they,

1.Earth – Earth provides support to all equally. It provides resources to every person living on earth irrespective of their religion, caste, sex or skin. Thus she teaches us to accept everyone equally.

2. Air – Air teaches that a seeker should remain unaffected by the good and bad.

3. Sky – Sky teaches that the Self is all-pervading and formless, and abides in itself as the clouds.

4. Fire – Fire consume all that is offered in it, burns bright and purifies everything, thereby teaching us that one should eat whatever is offered to us.

5. Sun – Sun gets reflected in different vessels of water and appears differently. Similarly all that is experienced in this world is the reflection of that One Self.

6. Pigeon – Pigeon teaches us that attachment always leads us to destruction, like the mother pigeon getting caught in the net for the sake of her young ones.

7. Python – Python does not go here and there for food. In the same way, a seeker of knowledge should not run after objects for joy.

8. Ocean – Ocean never crosses its limits. In the same way, a wise man should never transgress his moral limits.

9. Moth – Moth teaches us that an ignorant one may jump into the fire of pleasures and destroy oneself, but a seeker jumps into the fire of knowledge and destroys his ignorance and limitations, and becomes one with the Infinite.

10. Elephant – Elephant is attracted by the sense of touch, and he teaches a seeker to remain away from temptations.

11. Honey gatherer – Honey gatherer (honey-stealer) enjoys all the honey that is collected by the honeybee. Thus, it is wise not to waste time in collection of things of the world but to utilise the time available in knowing oneself.

12. Fish – Fish gets hooked due to its temptation to the bait, man succumbs to temptations and endangers himself.

13. Prostitute – Prostitute Pingala understood the fleeting nature of sensual pleasures and chose the pursuit of God.

14. Arrow – Arrow smith teaches us that single pointed focus on the Self alone can help us rid the world of plurality.

15. Children – Small children live a carefree life, beyond honour-dishonour, possessiveness and narrow-mindedness. They teach us to live such a life of love and care.

16. Moon – Moon reflects the light of the Sun and shines in the dark night, similarly the individual soul is the reflection of that One Supreme being.

17. Honey bee – Honeybee extracts nectar from various flowers without harming them. In the same way, a seeker of knowledge should try and gain as much knowledge as possible from various scriptures.

18. Deer – Deer teaches us that desire for sensual indulgence leads one to slavery.

19. Hawk – Hawk fight over a small piece of meat and often destroy each other. Similarly, man succumbs to the rat race to earn material comforts.

20. A girl – A young girl, when alone at home started pounding rice to prepare food for guests, and she found that her bangles were making a lot of noise as she was pounding. To avoid such noise so as to not disturb the guests, she removed all bangles except one on each hand. This teaches us that whenever there is duality, there is agitation and conflict. So a seeker should try and spend time in solitude.

21. Snake – Snake does not have his own home. Similarly, a spiritual traveller should not have attachment to home and its comforts.

22. Spider – Spider weaves its web, plays around in it, and finally swallows the web back. Similarly, the Self creates, sustains and dissolves the entire universe.

23. Worm – A worm gets transformed into a bee by constantly looking at the bee. This is the unique relationship between the Guru and Shishya, which brings about the mysterious transformation in the student.

24. Water – Water enlivens everything and everyone, yet remains on the ground. Similarly a wise man should be down to earth.

After these 24 teachers of life, let’s learn something more.

Furthermore, you can go on this link for more –

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