36 things to do before you die

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Do you want to know the 36 things to do before you die? Then dig into this article…..

Everyone want something out of life.For this people need to create their own beautiful life by themselves. Its totally up to them how they need to transform their life.There’s a famous saying by George Bernard Shaw “Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.

So, here are some of the things which you should do before you die in order to make your life to take you to an adventurous roller-coaster ride.Here you go…..36 things to do before you die….. 

  1. Learn a foreign languagee762dc1a-0e7b-4ba1-8008-2f11e271c97a

  2. Go on a road trip

  3. Walk the Great Wall of China

  4. Travel the seven wonders of world

  5. Go Skydiving1f1ecad5-d755-4c3d-873f-2411b814c27c

  6. Bunjee jumping

  7. Go camping

  8. Go on a Safari

  9. Do water rafting

  10. Ride an elephant

  11. Visit Italy

  12. Shower in a waterfall

  13. Run  a Marathon

  14. Go to a Disney World

  15. Fly First Class

  16. Get a Tattoo

  17. Ride a Roller Coaster

  18. Rock climbing

  19. Write a book

  20. Go to Iceland, Blue Lagoon

  21. Float in the Dead Sea

  22. Start your own business

  23. Paragliding

  24. Underwater divingscuba-main-740x494

  25. Go to a Concert

  26. Snowboarding

  27. Travel in a Cruise

  28. Swim with Dolphins

  29. Backpack Europe

  30. Ride a Horse

  31. Learn to Play Piano

  32. Learn Salsa dance

  33. Go to Las Vegas

  34. See a Play

  35. Climb a Mountain

  36. Ride in a Hot air balloon

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