5 Beautiful Views In Kashmir – All about India

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Here are the most beautiful views to visit in Kashmir. 5 Beautiful Views In Kashmir – All about India.

Kashmir is situated in the topmost northern part of India. A beautiful place to capture the moments and to get lost in the extraordinary creation of our mother earth. In this place, we can see the whole mountains covered with snow, lakes surrounded everywhere, and eye-capturing flowers which just make our day feel like in heaven.

Yes, KASHMIR is paradise. So, what are we waiting for?


As a result, below are 5 beautiful views which will take you to a blissful jiffy.

  1. Kashmir View from topANTI7017
  2. Lidder pointkjhg.PNG
  3. Dal lakelake-dal-shikava-boat.jpg
  4. Apple Valleyapple-orchard-Cropped.jpg
  5. Betaab Valley1470225940_13582067_10208212801212026_7379145638508273875_o

Therefore, what are you waiting for?? Book a ticket and just fly to Kashmir and enjoy more beautiful views. Hope you liked these 5 Beautiful Views In Kashmir – All about India.

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