5 Movies Entrepreneurs should Watch…

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In this competitive world, everybody is competing with each other. Some want to become engineers, some want to become doctors, some lawyers and so on. Everybody has their own dream to be something and mark their presence. And there are also some leaders who want to become Entrepreneurs. They don’t want to work under someone. They want to be their own BOSS. But how can they do so ? How can these people become that world class leader? All these can be possible if we look into those successful people who are the CEOs in their company.

These movies which i am sharing below will surely give some ideas and inspiration in order to get in that position where the successful people are.

Therefore, let’s see the 5 movies entrepreneurs should watch….

  1. The Social Network – This story as you all know is about Mark Zuckerberg , the founder of the biggest social networking site, FACEBOOK. It shows how he becomes one of the youngest billionaires ever.
  2. The Wolf of Wall Street – This movie shows about a stockbroker full of ambition, doing whatever he can to make his way to the top. A well inspiring American drama film, which involves all about the world of finance.
  3. The Founder – This is the movie which portrays all about the creation of McDonald’s fast food restaurant chain. The movie shows the failures and the challenges before the restaurant became the world famous.
  4. Money ball – This is a sports related drama which challenges old school selection methods and reinvent his team using a never before used saber-metric model. This film was adapted by a book by Michael Lewis and is based on a true story of Oakland Athletics.
  5. Limitless – A film which shows a struggling writer who is introduced to a drug which eventually gives him the ability to fully utilize his brain and vastly improve his lifestyle.

All these 5 movies entrepreneurs should watch if you want the boost and the inner zeal to become a leader in your life. Enjoy watching đŸ™‚

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