A short tale of a teenage girl….(with a message)

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In this post, I am going to share a short tale of a teenage girl.

A girl who never was interested to fall in love…a girl who was shy in her school times…a girl who was only into her studies….a girl who was happily dancing (in a song – why this Kolavari di ?)near a beach as she thought of changing her life by moving on …met with a severe accident the next day. She just had a heart break & was going through pain but the accident changed her life in the opposite direction which she never thought it would ever happen to her. It was a car accident by which her leg suddenly got smashed to the dashboard of the car leaving her right thigh bone broken. Her sister was sitting to her left side, even she had a fracture of her right hand.The whole family was there in the car.

Everything was shocking at that moment as if time just stopped ticking. That girl was in trauma & couldn’t say anything at that moment but was trying to lift her leg. She tried 2-3 times… even tried to lift her leg with her hands…but saw the thigh bone to be broken. Yes, She was doomed. She gave the expression to her father & her father understood & pulled her out of the car. But the good news was that everybody was safe except the injuries faced by her & her sister. They both were rushed to the hospital. After getting their plasters done within half an hour … they were shifted to a room… where they both saw each other & laughed by all this which happened and were like nothing has happened.

YES, they were warriors.

The operations were successful for both of them. But that girl sensed a problem in her breathing the next day. She could not able to breathe properly as the bone marrow had entered into her lungs making her unable to breathe. Then she was quickly shifted to the ICCU… yes, where the extremely critical patients are shifted. She became serious. Her family were in pain. Then she was being shifted to a big hospital where in she can get a proper treatment. Let me tell you , she had been transferred to four hospitals, one by one after the accident. And the last one, was a success where she got cured.

In the meantime, while she was recovering, she had lost all hope of walking & dancing again. But few days later, she started reading a book in the hospital( A monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma) which again changed her life. She started recovering well & her doctor was a humdinger who always used to come & motivate her with his words & greetings. She could now see the beautiful view of the relentless sun falling over the ocean from her bed in the hospital, after twelve long days.

And finally the day arrived, when she got discharged. After coming home, her family welcomed her, supported her a lot & made her to stand again on her own feet. And now she can walk properly …even her sister can do the chores with her hands.

And let me tell you guys, the Girl was ME… yes i was that girl 🙂 …..

I hope you liked my story & want to give a simple message to you all…. Never never give up…Don’t you dare give up. Life has its ups & downs where you fall but eventually making you to get up & grow.

A book for teenagers –

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