A short tale on 100% Commitment

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Successful people adhere to their daily disciplines no matter what. As we all know, we should to give our 100% in everything we do so as to get 100% achievement. Some times, you do no achieve but don’t worry and do not regret as you have given your 100%. So, it’s okay. You learnt something.

But here is a story which will make you to stick to this even if you have failed somewhere. This story will make your mind to change in different way. Somewhere I read this and it kind of stuck in my mind….Do you want to know the story?? ….. Let’s quickly read then ….

An old man and icecream

A 77 years old man, a professor was very consistent in his habits. He eats healthier, exercises regularly and smitten to his regular routine. He is quite conscious about his health and tries to keep himself healthy all the time. And he eats icecream only one time in a full moon in a month.Only one time. He had that commitment.

On his 75th birthday, as usual celebrations started for his birthday. Everybody was partying. It had decorations, delicious dinner, a birthday cake and icecream in dessert. And unfortunately, this day was not the full moon day. Everybody was thinking how to make him eat as it was his birthday and he should eat icecream and celebrate. His friends made every possible ideas and eventually decided to become a virtual full moon for him by using cardboards. But still he refused to eat. He said, “If i broke my commitment this one time, it would be that much easier to break it the next time.” No matter what he did not ate the ice cream on his birthday. đŸ™‚

As a result, he passed his commitment test.

This is called 100% commitment. It will be much easier to break it, therefore think twice before you break. đŸ™‚

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