A story of donkeys for Success tips

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Donkeys roaming near the shed

Let’s read A story of donkeys for Success tips. There was a house with a shed near it where all the donkeys used to live. Everyday the donkeys usually roam here and there & were curious to get in the house as their owner was least strict to them. In the morning, during breakfast, the donkeys usually come near the house to get in & have their snacks. But the owner does every possible thing to scare them away.

Meanwhile, one day, he went for shopping & had locked the doors of the house. After four hours, he returned & saw something which made him astonished. He saw all the things dispersed everywhere, the smelling cushions, the muddy footprints in the bathroom, the vegetables eaten & scattered everywhere & a lot more. The donkeys were so curious that they did everything made possible to enter the house.

By this story, we could have many success tips in it which i am sharing below:

  1. Chewing, Kicking & stampeding through any obstacle coming in paths.
  2. Pooh- poohing the rules.
  3. Dreaming – never stop dreaming
  4. Never taking no for an answer
  5. Follow heart no matter what
  6. Not stopping until the goal is reached

In conclusion, do follow these tips & achieve success in life by this story of donkeys.

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