A Story of Hope…

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One day a man was feeling very thirsty in a hot summer desert. He had a bottle of water which eventually got empty to fulfill his thirst. He was being very sweaty and very much in thirst to pour a drop of water in his mouth. After sometime, he felt exhausted and lost all his hope to even survive in the desert. Not even a single person is to be seen to get help.

Then after walking some steps, he saw a hut. He felt a relief as he thought somewhere must be inside that hut so that he could fill his thirst. Then as he get closer to the hut he saw no one but a hand pump. He was overjoyed and began working the hand pump but no water came out. He thought at that very moment …”May be i am destined to die out of thirst today”. As he moved his eyes all over inside the hut, he saw one bottle filled with water. He eagerly went closer to that bottle and saw a paper attached to it. He saw something was written on that piece of paper.

It was written- ” Use this water to start the pump.Don’t forget to fill the bottle when you are done.”

He was now in a dilemma. If it turned out to be false then he will die. But then he chose to do so as was written on that paper. Then he poured the water on the pump and started to work on it. Ah! It hAPPENED. He felt a relief. After drinking water, he wrote a message on that paper …Believe ! it WORKS….

In conclusion, “Hope is a good thing. You just have to believe in order to survive.”

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  1. […] I hope you liked my story & want to give a simple message to you all…. Never never give up…Don’t you dare give up. Life has its ups & downs where you fall but eventually making you to get up & grow. […]

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