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Health and Fitness

These are the Best Weight Loss drinks

The pandemic has confined us to our homes. It has altered the lives of everyone from school-going kidsto old folks. Naturally, people are gaining a certain amount of weight day by day because of this. Peoplehave always been concerned about their health. Some certain beverages and drinks boost metabolism and decrease the urge of hunger. …

Health and Fitness

Energy boosters to increase your stamina after workout

People are doing exercises regularly these days to overcome fatigue ness & to lose the extra kilos. And to get away from that boredom. But after workouts, it becomes difficult to get up again. It makes our body only drag ourselves. And it also becomes difficult to do the other chores at home. So, here …

Health and Fitness

Yoga asanas to transform your body in less than a month

Yoga has become a part of life for every fitness guru. These days many people especially health-conscious people are approaching yoga asanas. Everybody is searching for peace in these busy hectic days by doing yoga. In ancient times, it has given many Rishis the direction in their life. It has shown them the way to …

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