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Exercises to do indoors without equipments

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Hey fitness freak, Do you wanna know the Exercises to do indoors without equipment?? You are at the correct place. As these days lockdown is going on and by seeing the large numbers of corona patients doing exercise is the ultimate way to boost your immunity. Many must be doing work from home or may have started going to their offices. But going in public sometimes doesn’t feel like. You may feel lazy due to rainy days or maybe some other issues.

And yes gyms will be opening soon. BUT do we care to go?? Some people choose fitness. Some don’t. Personally I do not prefer going to gym. But instead making some changes by doing workout at home.

That is why I am sharing some of the exercises to do indoors without equipment for better health and to lose those bulky fats.


This is the popular and the most effective one. This exercise will be responsible for your core. From shoulders to chest to belly to lower back, it can change your whole body.


This will make your belly fat go away. Strength training exercises like squats can help strengthen and tone the muscles in your lower body. Moving your upper body up and down will make the muscles to burn those bulky fats and eventually giving you a toned body.

Knee up and down

Moving your knees up and down will also be responsible to be effective in your core. Do it for 1 week and you can see the difference in you. The knee updown is an explosive bodyweight movement.


Dance is a form of exercise where you can actually enjoy the flow of the music. This is my favorite. I just go with the flow by the sounds of the song. Just play a rocking song and move your butt.:D


Yoga is the most stretching exercise which you can do any time. It is the most refreshing exercise which will refresh your mind, body and soul. Doing yoga will also enhance your mental being as well as physical being.

So, these were some.

And for more information on better health, do read these –

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