Good habits, Good life

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Habits are the part of our life which build us. What is the definition of habit ???

Let me tell you,

Habit is the repetition of several actions taken by us in our day to day routine. The minute you wake up and after that all the chores you do regularly becomes your habit.

But do you all know the importance of habits?? It’s huge. As your habit so is your life. It impacts our life a lot. Whatever you do in a day usually tends to become habit. So if you wake up and start to do some stretching everyday then it becomes your habit of doing it everyday. You do not think what to do or what not to do. You simply stretch yourself up and feel energized. And if your habit is checking your phone just after you open your eyes. Then this too becomes your daily routine. Even if you know that checking out your phone just after waking up is not good for your brain but you still do it as it has become your habit.

So be aware of what is your daily habit. If it is making you to grow then it is good. But if it is hampering your brain or making you no good then it is a bad habit.

Furthermore, do you know what…. tiny changes can give you remarkable results. And it all depends on your habit. I would like to recommend a book which was recommended to me by my good friend đŸ™‚ Click on this link to know –

This book has all the methods by which you can change your old and bad habits to new one which will eventually make you productive. And if you want to change your life then change your habits.

Change Your Life by Changing Your Habits text written on color notes with wooden pinch.

I would just give a major point here to change your habit. Do consider these points for a habit to form –

  • Firstly, Make it Obvious
  • Secondly, Make it Easy
  • Thirdly, Make it Attractive
  • Fourthly, Make it Satisfying

Make it Obvious means after you wake up what do you do? Some people stretch, some people brush their teeth and some check their phones. If you want to form a good habit, simply try to do that after a particular work. Like- Wake up < stretch < go to bathroom. Make it in sequence.

Make it Easy means keep that habit in front of you. Like if you want to make a habit of playing guitar. Then keep it in front of you to make it easy for you to see and grab it within seconds. It should be visible.

Make it Attractive means doing that habit again and again just because you find it attractive. It simply attracts you. Like drinking water – have a fancy or design bottle in front of you so that it makes you to grab that water bottle to drink.

Make it Satisfying means after you do that habit it should satisfy you from within. Like using a toothpaste makes you feel satisfying by its refreshing mint flavour which is added as an ingredient. And to make a habit of using that toothpaste, you will simply do as it makes you satisfying and refreshing after you use it.

So these were some techniques to form a new habit. Do these and make your life Goooooooooood. đŸ™‚

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Hello Amigos, This is Heather...this blog is regarding self-development and inspiration which everyone requires in their daily life in order to make their lives better and productive. I will be posting daily articles and videos which will motivate you to just keep moving forward in your path and enriching your life. Keep Growing!!! :)

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