How to dress to look thinner

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Want to dress like to look thinner?

To look slim and trim is every girl’s dream. If you are one of them, then you are at the right place. As we all follow the latest fads and trending diets, it still becomes difficult for us to get that high rated model body. We simply cannot able to stick to those exercises and those noshes which are healthy for us. And that’s completely okay! Not all of us could get that size zero, but we still should to try or do our level best to shed those extra body weight in order to be healthy. Don’t go away from it. That is a different thing. But if you are willing to look slim in front of your mirror and want to visualise yourself as thin…then here are all the tips which you can get….

Therefore, whether you are over weighted or little chubby… do not worry…. let’s quickly get on to the tips….

Wear clothes that are of your correct size

Wearing a bigger size or smaller size will make you look fat. If you wear loose, it makes you look even fatter. And if you wear a small size, then your bulky fats could be seen. So, go for the size which is your actual size.

Wear heels with skinny jeans

Joyful woman in jeans, white blouse dancing on pink background. Modern girl with red lipstick and in stylish heels rejoices on isolated backdrop..

Skinny jeans upto ankle length are comfortable and also makes you look thinner. And not to forget, pair them with toed heels.

Go for Black

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Black colour will always make you thinner no matter what. Go for full black or only top, you will see the result in front of you.

Dress in one colour

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Dressing only in one colour will lengthen your body by creating one swiping look. If you wear anything contrast, the eye naturally goes towards the area where the two pieces meet. But if you wear only one, it doesn’t have that much impact.

Wear clothing with vertical stripes

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Wearing clothes having those zebra and vertical stripes eventually makes you tall. And you know when you look tall, you look slimmer.

Avoid light coloured jeans and pants

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If you have big thighs then go for dark colours. Wearing light colours have the potential to make your legs look thicker. So, choose dark over light.

Invest in right innerwears

When it comes to choosing dress, the most important thing to give the first priority is not to wear so tight innerwears. Tight inners draws attention. Choose for correct size again.

Wear v neck tops

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Another simple but effective tip is to wear v-neck tops. This makes your upper body to look elongated.

Lastly, stand at a 45 degree angle

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When taking a picture, stand in this angle. Take a picture now. And you will see.


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