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Immunity booster tea for Covid 19

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You must be thinking what is this immunity booster tea for covid 19. For that, do read the full article.

These days due to the pandemic every doctor is recommending we increase our immunity levels. So how do you do it? Many are saying to do gargling, to drink hot water, to do exercise at home, to drink lemon water, etc …& yes you all must do these above to boost your immunity. And I personally have come up with a tea which I say it as White tea.

You all must be thinking about what this white tea is ….how it is made… all bla bla ….this is nothing but lemon tea …but the recipe is a little different….it doesn’t have tea in it … So, let’s get this Immunity booster tea for Covid 19…..

Recipe for Lemon tea (White tea) is below:

Ingredients needed-

1/2 lemon, 1 small piece ginger, 2 black peppers, 2-3 basil leaves, 1/2 spoon sugar & water

Boil the water, add the smashed ginger , add the smashed black peppers, add basil leaves , add sugar & let it boil for few minutes until you see little change in its colour …..then pour the tea into the cup & squeeze the lemon juice……that’s it…a tea without tea đŸ˜‰

Drink this tangy flavored Immunity booster tea for Covid 19, energize yourself & increase your immunity. But let me clear, you all need to continue with the social distancing. Stay home, Stay Safe.

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