Instant mood changers

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In this post, you are going to get ultimate and instant mood changers.

Are you having a bad day? Or is it that you are frustrated and exhausted from work? Or are you sad or upset about something?? And do you want to change your mood and mind instantly???

Let me tell you something,

Sometimes we are so much into pressures, workloads, dullness that we simply cannot ignore them. We have to get consistent with our daily schedule for our own living. We have a responsibility towards our family and many more dreams to fulfill. So we could not see ourselves in those busy days. We tend to become dull and lose our motivation towards life. But do not worry, you all can change it. It is in your hands. You have the power within you to change. You have to reduce those pressures and dullness within you in order to do your work efficiently in the future.

Simply change your mind by these below mood changers which can shift your mind instantly.Let’s know them all –


It is the best ever remedy to change your mind within seconds eventually making you feel good from within. Remember, how a piece of chocolate can make you feel??? The smoothness and delicious taste make you get lost. It takes you to a different level of happiness, sometimes reminding you of your childhood. So, Go Grab a bar of chocolate.

Take deep breathes

Taking few deep breaths will change your mood for sure. After you take a few deep breathes you feel the calmness within. Your mind gives you clarity about a subject. You tend to be in silence mode after you do this drill. Even yoga always reminds us to control our breathing levels. It is necessary to function your breathing properly and eventually making you change your mood from the pressure. Go to a park or a garden, and take a breath. You inhale fresh air and your body makes you feel good thereby rejuvenating you.

Wash your face with cold water

Have a splash of cold water on your face. After the touch of coolness, you tend to feel fresh. Have you been to a cold place? How do you feel there? It lowers your body temperature making you stay cool. you can also take a cold shower if you have time.

Drink hot water

You will feel the change only after a sip of it. It makes you feel calm. It has many health benefits too. You could lose weight, your skin will become more clearer and fair and you could get rid of many diseases. You can also drink a cup of coffee or herbal tea.


When you smell a fresh fragrance, how do you feel?? You simply try to smell it more as it changes your mind and mood within seconds or milliseconds. When you yourself use it, you tend to become more active and feel confident. The smell could be anything – the smell of soil after rain, the smell of flowers, the smell of coffee, etc. Some of the perfumes which I like –

Have sex

Yes, this may sound awkward to some of you. But it takes you to a different level thereby changing your mood instantly. If you have a headache, this simply could reduce it. It also lowers your blood pressure.

Help someone

Helping someone is the best of all. You can help anyone of your friends, family members, or simply a beggar. You will see that by helping someone in need you tend to become a hero, ultimately increasing your self-respect and identity. And remember if you help someone then someone will help you in the future.

Listen to a happy song

Switch your tv, iPod, music player on. Listen to a happy song …It will change your mind to not think about anything else. It will boost up your mind for sure.

Call a friend

Calling a friend when you are feeling low can be a helpful tip. Call your best friend, your loved ones, or your mentor to motivate you. You never know that this can be helpful to them too. In this busy era, we tend to forget them. So, basically, it may be an opportunity for you to get in contact again.

Say positive affirmations

Saying positive affirmations at that moment when you feel low, dull, or upset can bring immense confidence within you. You tend to improve your emotional level. You simply need to repeat these affirmations in your mind and say it aloud. Say for 10 times with intentions in you.

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In conclusion, Do these above and instantly change your moods when you feel low. TAKE A CHILL PILL 🙂

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