Kaizen (A Japanese word)

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Some people must have heard the word “Kaizen” and might be knowing what does it mean. Let me explain in detail about Kaizen (A Japanese word). It’s a word that came from japan meaning constant improvement.

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Kaizen – a Japanese word

Yes, we need to consistently improve in our field of passion & in our life in order to transcend. It is a Japanese business philosophy which improves the operations & skills of employees. It basically improves the productivity as a process. To progress, we need to improve on a constant basis with self discipline.

And Kaizen makes this progress work out ….it has many benefits.

  • Consistent, ongoing process of improvement takes place
  • Constant review of successes occurs, and the
  • Consistency of the process leads to new, higher goals

Therefore, in order to be in Kaizen mode, learn every day. Learning should be a continuous process irrespective of age. And every person should learn at any age, any time & every day.

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