Let’s go hygge…

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As this deadly disease Coronavirus ( Covid-19) has become prevalent in every country, it’s time to take care of you! Yes, You. The person who was busy in his/her life, who was always in a hurry to not miss the train or the bus, who was in a thought of how the day will go, who was working like a machine and was being unstoppable. It’s the need of the hour to STOP and be in a pause mode.

This disease has made us all anxious and created agoraphobia at an extreme level. In every country and every channel, the same news is trending which is fazing us all and surging a feeling of impending doom. But it is in our hands how we react towards the situation and handle with calmness. Keep Calm and this time will Pass. And yes, do take precautions which are needed to overcome this scenario.

Let’s take this world to hygge… let’s go hygge…

you must be thinking what this hygge is ? First of all , how do u pronounce it? Is it higga … heegah …. or hiiiigeeeee  …. (lol) …. You would feel astonished by its pronounciation……the pronouncement of this word is hoogah…. 🙂.

It is a danish concept of being in a state of calm and peaceful living without any distractions. It has started its origin from Denmark, the world’s happiest country where days are short during winters. Due to short days, many people used to feel dull as they only see darkness most of the time. Then, people over there started lightning candles all over their home. They started making use of this darkness by lightning candles & changing the dull ambience into multitude of magnificient lights and glory days.

It basically is all about being happy from small things in our day to day life no matter what may be the circumstances. It could be simply snuggling with a cup of coffee, grabbing a bite of a sweet dessert without worrying about the calories intake, just being cozy with your blanket on in a freezing cold weather and getting the smooth touch of the blanket all over your body, watching your favourite movies or comedy shows with your family and loved ones, spending time with your family & cooking together, earthly smell after rain ,being with nature and admiring the scenic view of lush green trees & snow capped mountains & listening to the chirpings of birds, or hearing a crackling sound of burning wood or it could be simply reading a good book. The feeling which you feel after eating a piece of chocolate or any scrumptious meal …

that moment is HOOGAH. 🙂

Being happy from within. It is present everywhere taste , in sound, in smell and where ever you want to have. This reminds us the beautiful things of life which we have forgotten in our busy schedules. It reminds us to be in present and to feel the breathe you take as “you are Alive”. This concept makes you aware of the simple things in life which we should indulge in on a day – to – day basis.

As a result, there is also a detailed book on Hygge – The little book of hygge written by Meik Wiking.

Click on the image to buy.

It was told to me by a stranger friend of mine who lives outside India, I am truly thankful to her for this book recommendation. This book is highly recommended to everyone. Personally speaking, this book just made me feel as if I am in heaven. It really boosted me to capture the simple moments in my camera. Photos captured by me – 

Also, got some news that due to lock down many animals are passing by on the empty roads.

And penguins are exploring the zoo or the aquarium and taking field trip. 🙂 Swans and dolphins are swimming playfully in Italy’s waterways.

Why should humans have all the fun? It’s time for these cute animals, better to give them some space. Pollution levels have come down due to lockdown … watch this news and make yourself calm at home.

So, without wasting any more time on only news and without getting freaked out, do some productive or simple basic things in these precious moments. Isolate yourself and take care of yourself and yeah go in hygge mode. 🙂 

Let’s go Hygge…….. 🙂

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  2. […] Are you having a bad day? Or is it that you are frustrated and exhausted of work? Or are you sad or upset about something?? […]

  3. […] People usually forget them & tend to just wallow & complain about themselves which is hampering their own thoughts making them to lose their self esteem. They become so much into it that they fall into depression & anxiety as if they need someone to take care of them. Why ? Why is that so, if you can do it yourself? Why to depend on someone who will be there for you sometimes but sometimes not? Why do you need someone to make you happy, if you can do that to yourself? […]

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