Love yourself :)

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Yes. Love yourself. Fall in love with yourself.

Make yourself as a priority.

This is the ultimate way of healing & transformation & also the important priority. You must have heard a statement……”Self love is not selfish , it’s necessary.” It’s true, if you love your own self then you can love others too. Then people will get attracted towards you. You could see a glow in your face by which people get attracted towards you by seeing your charming personality.

Most importantly, you should to have a bonding with yourself in order to know who you are. If you will love yourself then you won’t feel being alone ever. Because you have somebody who can accompany you….& that is


As a result, people usually forget them & tend to just wallow & complain about themselves which is hampering their own thoughts making them to lose their self esteem. They become so much into it that they fall into depression & anxiety as if they need someone to take care of them. Why ? But why is that so, if you can do it yourself? Why to depend on someone who will be there for you sometimes but sometimes not? Why do you need someone to make you happy, if you can do that to yourself?

There are some ways by which you can love yourself more & more…

  1. Self care – Care for your body by pampering & sleeping better, care for your health by eating healthy& drinking lots of water , care for your hair by nourishing, care for your skin by giving a spa …… take care of yourself. It is the basic need for your own self.
  2. Have self affirmative talk – Talk with yourself in front of mirror by saying positive affirmations like … “I am Strong” “I am Beautiful” ” I am Bold” ” I am Magical” “I am Elegant” ” I am Loved” ” I am Enough” & so on.
  3. Doing Yoga – Yoga is said to be a spiritual form of exercise. It truely makes you to know yourself and makes you lighter & free from all anxieties & making you remind who you are.It connects you with your soul by deep breathes & connecting with nature. It teaches you to be in present.
  4. Buy yourself presents – This is the physical happiness which can make you to love yourself. Give yourself a present. It can be small gifts which you wanted to buy long ago. It can even be a chocolate or a cup of coffee or a bouquet of flowers.
  5. Be happy – Do whatever it requires to make you your own self happy….not for anyone else. It could be baking a cake, playing guitar, reading a good self help happy book like ikigai, dancing, singing, travelling, painting, connecting with nature, etc

In conclusion, be sure to do all these & Love yourself. Yes, You are worthy. You are amazing. You are magical. I love you. 🙂

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  1. nice article! check out my related blogposts and follow 🙂

    1. sure 🙂

  2. […] let’s say “I AM SLIM , I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM HANDSOME, I AM A GREAT CRICKET PLAYER, I AM INTELLIGENT, I AM AMAZING, I AM A CHAMPION, I CAN DO ANYTHING I PUT MY MIND TO , I AM SUCCESSFUL”. How do you feel now? See, how the words can impact you so much. You tend to feel bad, your self confidence loses and you become grumpy in your life when you speak bad or negative words. But when you speak good and positive words your dopamine level increases and you feel good about yourself. […]

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