Mindset… (short tale)

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A beggar had been sitting by the side of a road for years. He used to ask “spare me some change?” to passersby. One day a stranger not being able to give anything material replied “I have nothing to give you.” He asked, “how long you are sitting here”. The beggar replied “over thirty years”.”What is that you are sitting on?”, asked the stranger. “Nothing, just an old box abandoned by somebody, and I have been sitting on it as long as I can remember”, said the beggar. “Ever looked inside?”, asked the stranger. “What is the point, there is nothing in there, and why waste time”, replied the beggar. “Have a look inside”, insisted the stranger.

The beggar for the first time just to satisfy the insistent stranger  opened the box. To his astonishment, disbelief and elation found that the box was filled with gold.

Are we not like that beggar? Unaware of being on it or carrying it, searching it outside ?Or seeking someone to provide it – the happiness?

There is a famous saying by Buddha – “A positive mind finds opportunity in everything while a negative mind finds faults in everything.”

In conclusion, Mind is a superb instrument which the god has given to us. Those who can take control of it will reach his destination without any interruption. And yes, you also need to keep it strong.

As a result, I would also like to recommend a book on mindset which is written by Robinson –

Most importantly, for getting a stronger mindset you need to do certain things which will help you to keep it strong. Your brain needs to function properly in order to make your mind stronger enough to do anything with proper decision making skills.

So, here is a video to be mentally stronger.

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