Plants which can be kept indoors

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In this post, I am sharing some plants which can be kept indoors.

Certainly, being in nature makes you feel energised as you breathe in the fresh air from nature. It is said that if you breath fresh air you tend to have less diseases or you can say free from almost many diseases. For that you all need to go outside in the woods to get lots of fresh air. My question here is, “Do we all go outside in the nature and get that fresh air in the cities or metropolitian and polluted cities?” The answer is No for some of you.

But the lucky ones are always healthy.

Above all, have you all thought of if we cannot go outside for some reasons, why not bring nature inside our home?

Yes, it is possible for some plants….. 🙂 They don’t need sunlight. It can prosper in some light which is coming near your window. That much is sufficient for them. Do you want to know what are they? Let’s begin …and also click on the links to get one or more in your house 🙂

  1. Peace lily

Peace lilies prefer light partial shade, and can tolerate fluorescent lights. And some known to thrive in rooms with no windows at all. Yellowing leaves indicate that the light is too strong, and brown leaves indicate scorching from direct sunlight. Keeping the soil moist is good remedy to take care. Do not overwater.

According to Vastu, this plant also brings good fortune and harmony to the house.

2. Bamboo plant

Similarly, bamboo plants can also be kept indoors without sunlight. And it is known that this plant brings prosperity to the house.

3. Money plant

Money plant is one of the most common indoor plants. This creeper plant, characterized by its lush and shiny heart-shaped leaves, is popular for its numerous health benefits. Most importantly, the plant is also believed to attract wealth and prosperity wherever it is grown, hence the name.

4. Snake plant

To sum up, Snake plants are as useful as they are visually appealing. They can grow indoors and outdoors, with little to no maintenance. It is the best air purifying plant to keep at home.

In addition, for more healthy tips, do click this link –

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