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Reading is very beneficial to human soul. It can change the mind to the different level. It can make you travel to any place without the physical movement. So what are you all waiting for? Grab a book and roam 😉

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But truely , a good book makes you feel lighter & making you knowledgeable on a particular topic. But be sure what you are reading. It should be the one which can enhance your brain power like educational books or can motivate you to grow like the biographies of the famous people or the self help books for productivity. Because it is said that what we feed to our mind makes a lot of difference in our life too. If we feed our brain with good & positive books, it makes our mind positive but if we feed boring or non- educational & only stories then our mind becomes hypnotised with the stories & fantasies which does not make sense in reality.

So I will be sharing some of the books (pdf) which are my favourites & even you all will like it to become productive & full of enthusiasm in life eventually making you to change your life to a different path.

  1. The success principles by Jack Canfield – This book is a must read who want to achieve success in any part of their life. It has many principles in it which will make you to understand clearly of what should be done & which should not be done in life. It makes us understand with short examples & stories to make it more convenient.

2. The Monk who sold his ferrari by Robin Sharma – This book has a story in it about a man who almost had a miserable life. But a mentor comes in his path making him to live again in peace & utter happiness.

3. Attitude is everything by Jeff Keller – This book will transform your life by making you change your attitude which is the most important thing in life. As your attitude so is your life will take you. As you react & respond to life, like that will be your life.

4. The science of getting rich by Wallace Wattles – This is the book which can make you rich. It has all the concepts by which it can lead your life to wealth & prosperity. The must book if you want to grow your money mindset.

5. Goals by Brian Tracy – This book is all about the importance of making goals each & everyday. It teaches us the way the goals are achieved. It also has certain questions after every chapter ends to give you clarity about yourself & you doubts.

Keep reading fellas, It really boosts your brain power & increases your level of decision making & eventually gives you direction in your life.

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