The words you speak …. Be sure what you say….

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Mouth is the important part given to us by God. It has the function to eat & to speak. Many people are so unfortunate that they could not speak by birth. But everybody else are fortunate to at least share their feelings through their words. They can share their emotions, can speak out what they want to,can communicate with each other and can eat what they want to. But are you sure & think before you speak anything???

We tend to ignore this thing….by saying bad words for anyone or to any one. Is god given us this mouth to do that ?? or to speak good…. ??

There is a saying…. ” Think before you speak” ….are you all doing it ?

May be no…. but we should. Because we are as human beings should behave as human by saying good words for others and for ourself. Many might think …so what ? i will speak anything … you are not anyone to correct me …. but guys i want to share something which have been taught by our ancestors that by saying bad words, it hampers our own mind too. Your mind becomes prone to that. Your mind also behaves in that way as you speak. If you speak good words, good things will come to your mind & good things will happen to you but if you speak bad then bad things will attract towards you. As like attracts like. Remember this !

We tend to gossip about people but do we think that even they might be doing about us ? Why to speak bad words at all if that person doesn’t do any harm to you. It is their world, why to interfere and waste our time in thinking about them? Rather we should think good about ourself, to grow , to nurture in our daily life by doing good things.

For example, if someone says bad about you “she is so fat, he is so ugly,he is black in colour, he is a psycho, he cannot do anything in his life, she is so irresponsible”. Do you like if someone says these things about you? Or if you your own self say that “I am not beautiful, I am not handsome, I am a loser, I cannot do anything, I am so slow”. How do you feel by saying these words? Now,use these words for you…..

Let’s say “I AM SLIM , I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM HANDSOME, I AM A GREAT CRICKET PLAYER, I AM INTELLIGENT, I AM AMAZING, I AM A CHAMPION, I CAN DO ANYTHING I PUT MY MIND TO , I AM SUCCESSFUL”. How do you feel now? See, how the words can impact you so much. You tend to feel bad, your self confidence loses and you become grumpy in your life when you speak bad or negative words. But when you speak good and positive words your dopamine level increases and you feel good about yourself.

Speaking has a power within. The power of words is incredibly epic. Whatever you speak, it happens. So be sure & think before you speak anything. Do not use bad words for anyone & for your own self too. You may never know the impact unless you face it. But instead of facing i want you all to don’t use bad word at all. Instead change yourself, and speak good & positive words. You will see positive will happen to you.

You all may be wondering…. aisa hota to men bolun mere pas dher sara gold ajaye…. to kya ajaega??? 🙂

But it is a different thing …. nothing happens by not taking any action. But here you are questioning yourself about will it come?? By saying “to kya ajaega”… the universe does not listen to “dher sara gold ajaye” … as you are adding “to kya ajaega” with negative mind. The universe does not work like this. It only listens to your positive words, positive affirmations, positive mind and positive you. Try saying good and positive things and it will happen to you if you will have faith, perseverance in your work and a greater conviction WITHIN YOU.

You will then know the power of words it has upon you. Encourage others and your own self by saying “you have all the power to do anything, you can do anything, I am doing the things which i desire, I am the achiever”. Appreciate others and your own self by saying “you are looking gorgeous, you are looking so adorable, you have a great personality, I am awesome, I am bold, I am a great man”. Say good things about others and your own self. Be polite with others and your own self. Heal others and your own self. Thank others and your own self. And you will thank me after these changes in you. 🙂

In addition, I would like to recommend the book “Change your words, change your life” by Joyce Meyer. This is a New York Times bestseller book and yes truly life-changing.

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