Want fair skin ? Here is the simple secret … :)

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Do you want fair skin??

Hey lady, you are beautiful 🙂 But this affirmation doesn’t last longer more than an hour. As we forget this every time…

But here is a simple secret which can make you feel good to look at your skin in the mirror each and every day. Do you want to know ???

Ummm….. first of all, can you all guess what this might be? Think in your mind….

This is the water which is done every day at your house to cook. And you still can’t think? oh common … think harder ….

okay, enough of this riddle…. let me give you the answer…

Yup, rice water …..the ultimate secret of the Korean lifestyle & obviously the fairer looking ladies. This simple water can do wonders for your skin.

It can give you fair looking skin,

a cure from many skin damages & infections &

also a glowing glassy look on your face.

Let’s get the mask ingredients – only rice & water 🙂

Yeah….. when you wash rice for cooking …. you all for sure wash it two to three times before cooking …. you just need to make use of the water just after the second wash ….after the third wash to clear out dirt… simply strain that little water and pour it in your spray bottle. And what’s next???

Make sure to spray this water every time… four to five times a day…. & see the result within a week. And yes I want to add the most important thing before you spray. Do wash your face with a face wash as your skin should be clean. If you will spray anytime without washing your face then it will make the dirt go into your open pores. Therefore, at first, wash your face and spray it. You will see the difference & remember one thing – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, Sweety 🙂

If you want to make use of rice in your daily routine without using any other products…. then do Click to buy an amazing face foam or facewash (made from rice water) –

In addition, do check out the video for oily skin.

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