Want treasure?? It’s in your hand …

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Heya friends…..I know you have come here by reading the word “Treasure”.

Want treasure?? It’s in your hand …

Firstly, Treasure as we know simply means a quantity of precious metals,gems or other valuable objects.From ancient times, this has been our ancestors’ goal to get it to be rich and conquer kingdoms. We have seen in our televisions,the shows and movies in which the actors holding the maps to be on the path and direction to get that treasure and box full of gems and jewels. It becomes a part of their life to obtain it in order to live their remaining life in luxury. Who do not want this?? Everybody would love to get this in their life to achieve success and richness. Everyone in this world wants to get wealthy in their life to get peace and happiness. But do you know what treasure i am talking about??

Keep Reading to know it………. đŸ™‚

I am talking about your health. Yes, there is a saying , “Health is Wealth“.

Our real wealth is our health. It’s a fact!!!

Who doesn’t want to be healthy? We do. Every people on this earth wants to, to live happily and to live long. Do you dream to have a healthy life ?? Then make these your daily regime and see yourself a fitter YOU with lots of treasures within you.

If you want to take things a step further, here’s what you should do. I will be sharing the staples which should be the part of you life to accomplish richness in your health.

Let’s see what are these healthy treasures –

Eat Good – Eating healthy,only veggies,no junk foods will anyway make you healthier. There is no denying. Whatever you consume, it affects your body as well as your brain. The people who eat healthy love longer life. Think about Japanese people…why do they live long??? It’s all because of their diet. They do not eat those noshes which harm their body. They are very particular about their eating habits. Give a control to your diet on harmful foods ‘Now’. Because when you become old, you will have a body with diseases spreading in all your cells and tissues. Do not take your health for granted.

Train hard – The second crucial ingredient for a better health is training hard and moving your butt. Move your body. Be active. Exercise regularly or else the blood will not get circulated in your body properly and eventually leading to blood pressure and many other heart diseases. Make this habit a must.

Live passionately – You only Live once. So, make sure to live happily and without regrets. Do what you love. Do what makes you feel right. Proceed with the things which makes you to grow. Get some fresh air. Go outside. Just go with the flow.

Sleep well – Thirdly, sleeping well. Sleeping cures all your stress. But let me tell you one thing, do not sleep less or more. Sleeping directly improves your mental as well as physical being. Most importantly, it should be in adequate amount. Sleep atleast for 7 hours at night to get yourself energized the next morning.

Repeat – Eat good. Train hard. Live Passionately. Sleep well. Repeat. This should be our daily routine. And yes obviously,doing your work which comes in between.

In conclusion, live fully with these treasures as it’s in your hand buddies..!!!

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Hello Amigos, This is Heather...this blog is regarding self-development and inspiration which everyone requires in their daily life in order to make their lives better and productive. I will be posting daily articles and videos which will motivate you to just keep moving forward in your path and enriching your life. Keep Growing!!! :)

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